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With the Ulefone Future, the manufacturer launches a new flagship smartphone. Looking at the smartphone’s specifications, you get a first impression. A current Helio P10 processor supported by 4GB RAM and a Samsung camera sensor. Additionally, the bezel-free display looks really nice.

Design and processing

The Ulefone Future is available in grey or in gold. However, the golden version looks a bit pink when putting it in a favourable light. Concerning the thickness, the phone’s 8.6mm are perfectly okay. The weight of 185g conveys a high quality impression. The Future is a beautiful smartphone. It seems to be quite sturdy. It has a uni-body casing, which means the battery is not changeable. SIM cards or a micro-SD card can be inserted in the smartphone via the SIM slot on the left hand side.

At the bottom, there are two speakers on the right and left side of the USB type-C port. A special feature is the fingerprint scanner, which can be found on the phone’s right side, not on the rear like usual. Above there are the power button and the volume control. The audio jack is at the phone’s top.

Ulefone Future Bild 3 Ulefone Future Bild 4 Ulefone Future Bild 8 Ulefone Future Bild 9

The Future does not have soft touch buttons, instead, it has on-screen buttons. A notification LED can be found at the top. In terms of design, Ulefone hits the bull’s eye. You get a really nice phone with excellent processing.

Ulefone Future scope of delivery

The scope of delivery comprises:

  • Ulefone Future smartphoneUlefone Future Bild Lieferumfang
  • Protective cover
  • Screen protector
  • USB type-C cable and USB charging adapter
  • Short operating instructions


5.5-inch display without bezels but with full-HD resolution: there is not much more to say about the display. The display does exactly what it says on the tin. Because of a pixel density of 401ppi it is extremely sharp and additionally it has a natural colour representation. The viewing angles are just great and the display is sufficiently bright. Gorilla Glass 3 protects the smartphone.

Ulefone Future Bild 1Ulefone Future Bild 2

The touch screen, which is fit in directly in the LTPS display, can register up to 10 points of contact at the same time. Unfortunately, the phone does not have a Smart-Wake function.

There is not much to complain about concerning the Ulefone Future’s display. Some users could only miss the Smart-Wake function.

Operating system and performance

A Helio P10 processor by Mediatek, which clocks at 8*1.95GHz, is the Ulefone Future’s heart. An ARM Mali-T860 is used as graphics chip. The processor’s performance is sufficient for all the things a smartphone is used for nowadays. Gamers can enjoy themselves as well: current 3D games run smoothly. The phone gets a bit warmer then, but it’s never really hot. Thanks to the 4GB RAM, multitasking is not a problem for the Future. 4GB are sufficient for everything.

The mobile phone provides enough memory with 32GB, of which 26.5GB rest free to be used by the user. The storage can be extended via micro-SD card, but only with renunciation of dual-SIM.

Ulefone Future Screenshoot (6) Ulefone Future Screenshoot (4) Ulefone Future Screenshoot (7)

Ulefone Future with Android 6 ex works

The Ulefone has the newest Android version 6.0. It is perfectly coordinated with the hardware and it runs smoothly. There is no bloatware to be found. The launcher has an app-drawer. The system is similar to a Stock-Android and updates are distributed via OTA.

Ulefone Future Screenshoot (1) Ulefone Future Screenshoot (2) Ulefone Future Screenshoot (3)

The hardware used in the Ulefone Future offers a good performance and the Android system is well coordinated with it.

Connectivity and communication

GSM: 850/900/1800 (band5,band8,band3)
WCDMA: 900/2100 (band8,band1)
FDD-LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600 (band20,band3,band1,band7)
TDD-LTE: 2300 (Band40)

Ulefone Future Bild 5

The Future’s reception is stable in all 2G, 3G as well as LTE networks. The voice quality while telephoning is great. A micro-SIM and a Nano-SIM can be inserted in the phone. The latter can only be used if you go without storage expansion. Both SIM cards work in the LTE network. Concerning Wi-Fi, the smartphone supports the 2.4GHz as well as the 5GHz band. The reception is stable and sufficiently strong.

The speakers at the bottom provide a good sound. The Ulefone uses a special audio chip, which improves the quality while listening to music via earphones. During Bluetooth connection there were no interruptions at all.

The fingerprint scanner, which is located at the smartphone’s side, only works on average. At first, you have to find out how to place your finger in order to be recognized by the scanner. Often it takes several attempts until the phone is finally unlocked. If you use the provided protective cover, the sensor is nearly useless. Let’s hope that Ulefone will provide an update to improve the accuracy and reliability. In daily use, you rather unlock the device via a fixed PIN or pattern.

Ulefone Future Screenshoot (5)

Sadly, the GPS only works poorly. Many users reported that with high velocity (driving) the position is not determined precisely anymore. Ulefone has already stated that here we have a faulty hardware. Those who need good GPS reception should stay away from the Ulefone Touch.

Furthermore, the Ulefone Future has acceleration, gravity, proximity and brightness sensors as well as a gyroscope.

The only flaw in the Ulefone Future is the fingerprint scanner; in all other areas of connectivity and communication the smartphone can fully convince.


Ulefone uses a Samsung S5K5E2-sensor in the Future, which has also been used in the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Plus. The sensor offers a 16MP resolution and an f/2.0 aperture. In terms of quality, Ulefone can’t compete with the two Samsung devices, which may be due to the insufficient software optimization. Nevertheless, the camera is good and you can take suitable pictures with the smartphone.

Ulefone Future Testbild Kamera

However, this depends on the lighting conditions. The autofocus often needs some time to focus. The trigger time is acceptable. The smartphone provides a dual-flash, which does a nice job.

The Future can record videos in full-HD with 60fps. You can’t discern much of an image stabiliser though. The front camera takes photos with 5MP and is perfectly sufficient. The camera can’t keep up with the big manufactures and flagship smartphones, but it is suitable and can takes nice pictures in good lighting conditions.


For a 5.5-inch smartphone the battery has an average size of 3000mAh. Ulefone optimized the system very well, so that the phone lasts two days without any problems. In comparison to other phones with a 3000mAh battery, the Future’s battery life is even longer. Having the display turned on for 3-4 hours during the day, you still have about 30 percent in the evening. Thanks to quick-charge the smartphone is fully charged in 1 ½ hours (from 0 to 100 percent). The future is no “battery monster”, but the capacity should be enough for the average user.

* Incl. VAT and, if applicable, delivery costs – subject to interim changes.


80% TOP

As the name suggests the Ulefone Future is a smartphone designed for the future. You get a smartphone, which - looking at the hardware - should stay up-to-date for some time. In addition, it is also a very nice, as well as a high quality smartphone. The only niggle is the fingerprint scanner, which does not work accurately. Let’s hope for an update by Ulefone to improve the mobile phone. The camera could be optimized as well.

Alternatives would be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, the Elephone P9000 or the Umi Super.

  • design and build quality 90 %
  • display 90 %
  • software and performance 80 %
  • connectivity and communication 80 %
  • camera 70 %
  • battery 70 %

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