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Prices Discount Rates for all offered smartphones and cameras and a large selection of gadgets.
Shipping DHL, EMS, UPS and FedEx express, DPD European Express, free Priority Mail are available. Also Tinydeal has local warehouses in the US, EU, Spain and Russia. Products bought from this warehouses are delivered within 3 to 5 working days and have no VAT-Costs
Delivery time and shipping methods Shipping partially within 24 hours if marked. Otherwise 3-5 days processing. Express shipping methods take about 3 to 7 working days for delivery. Orders with free shipping take 15 to 30 days. European Customers can use the DPD European Express to buy products in the chinese warehouse. With this method there will be no VAT-costs for your order.
Warranty 6 months warranty (6 months free repair) return costs must be paid even. After 6 months, the repair cost must be taken!
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!
Orders & Experience We have already ordered 10 times at Tinydeal. The items ordered were all delivered very differently


Is Tinydeal reputable and secure?

Tinydeal.com is probably the biggest international store for China phones and gadgets worldwide. Tinydeal characterized by low prices and a wide assortment of mobile phones and gadgets. Buyers should therefore select a high quality mobile phone because of the large selection and not simply buy any. Otherwise Tinydeal has a problem with the service, which the ratings in the various portals show. Nonetheless Tinydeal ideal to gadgets like the Mi band to Order from China. Voucher and Coupon Discounts can also be used to make deals. The shop is not one of the most serious but again, that the products will be delivered in any case and are also functional. In a warranty claim after several months, however, Tinydeal is like to cross. Thus, we a strong buy recommendation only for phones under € 100 and Gadgets! Alternatives and similar sites like Tinydeal you find in our shop list!

On what should I look for when shopping?

We recommend the shipping either Priority Mail to choose European Express or DHL Express shipping. The snail mail takes an extremely long and it is not worth the savings of 2 euros. From pre-orders, we do not recommend, because here there are often massive delays and your money is then weeks in China Store. Paid further still with Paypal, since then can be opened within 180 days, a case, you should not be satisfied.

How good is the customer service and the warranty at Tinydeal?

The customer service both via email and the live chat have a good availability and basically help further. When asked about returning for repair, however, it quickly becomes problematic. We have 3 Xiaomi Yee Lights ordered, one of which was broken already in the delivery. A short e-mail with attached video for the detection of the defect enough and Tinydeal comped us 35 €. Service and warranty are not the best but quite usable!


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