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Prices Average prices and some great deals. VAT Customs Insurance for 5% available!
Shipping DHL express shipping (DHL, FedEX, EMS) with 20-25 quite expensive. Slow shipping (15-30 days) is free.
Delivery time and shipping methods Items marked “in stock” ships out within 2-4 days.
Warranty 12 month warranty (7 Days Return Policy, 12 months free repair)
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!


Is Pandawill reputable and secure?

Pandawill is a 5 year old Store for smartphones are mobile phones from China. Total Pandawill has fairly good reviews, but there are some problems with the service and with the delivery time. The prices of the offered on Pandawill smartphones are almost all relatively high. In Pandawill you can certainly buy some products priced and the shop are located in terms of service quite trouble.

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