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Merimobiles Onlineshop

Prices Average prices and some great deals. For delivery to Europe low prices!
Shipping Merimobiles offers fast shipping and cost-free slow shipping methods. For customers from the EU especially the Euroline is interesting because the smartphone will be delivered without any VAT costs.
Delivery time and shipping methods Free Shipping 21-40 Business Days 0€
Singapore Post 8-18 Business Days 5€
DHL 3-7 Business Days 14€
EuroLine 10-15 Business Days 20€ (no VAT for EU-customers)
Warranty 12 month warranty (7 days to return, 3 months of repair)
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!
Orders & Experience
We have already ordered more than 4 times at Merimobiles. All items were always shipped within 72 hours and arrived well packed up at the front door!


Is reputable and secure? is an established shop for several years, in which there is a wide range of China smartphones at competitive prices. The reviews and experiences in various review sites stating that it is a reputable online store. However, buyers should not buy any phone at Merimobiles but check in advance which mobile phones and high-quality sind.Alle on our orders were correctly marked and super packed. The contact with the customer is simple and fast.

On what should I look for when shopping?

After shopping pass 3-5 days until the goods are actually shipped. However, obtained after only a few hours after ordering a tracking number, which merely indicates that Merimobiles has signed the order. The products marked as “in stock” are available and can be ordered easily by preorders we advise on principle! 

How good is the customer service and the warranty at Merimobiles?

Relatively quick and easy accessibility with good service. Unfortunately, the repair must be paid in failures even at Merimobiles already after 90 days.

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