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Honorbuy Onlineshop – former Xiaomishop

Prices Discount Rates for all smartphones from Italy. Deliveries not worthwhile from China.
Shipping Shipping from EU Warehouse, DHL shipping for 30$
Delivery time and shipping methods For deliveries from EU warehouse, no extra cost. Delivery is within 2-4 days after ordering. From China 4-7 days after ordering
Garantie 12 months warranty (12 months free repair)
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!
Orders & Experience We have ordered 3 times at Honorbuy. The smartphone has been delivered after 2 days, was well packed and functional.


Is Honorbuy reputable and secure?

Honorbuy specializes in the most expensive and finest china cell phones. So there is only the brands Xiaomi, Meizu, Nubia, OnePlus and Huawei. Most smartphones are available in EU warehouse or Germany warehouse and will be delivered very quickly. Honorbuy also offers a good after sale service and a comparatively good support. Unfortunately there is no live chat but only one e-mail system. On all inquiries will be competently answered within 24 hours, Englsichkenntnisse are beneficial. The reviews and experience in the relevant portals speak clearly for the Xiaomishop / Honorbuy.

On what to look when shopping?

We recommend to order phones that are available in the European stock. To this end, the EU Warehouse must be selected in your shopping cart. If DHL shipping selected, then the goods from China is supplied and there are additional costs.


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