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Prices Cheap smartphones offered to average prices at all and a manageable range of good China phones.
Shipping For deliveries from China the customs and insurance (10%) can be selected and then even here there are no additional costs.
Delivery time and shipping methods Smartphone from China are shipped by DHL Express (15 ) and typically require 7-10 days to any country.
Warranty 12 month warranty (7 Days Return Policy 12 months free repair)
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!
Orders & Experience We ordered 6 times at EFOX shop. Both the goods from China as well as from Europe came to us always super packed and functional.


If the EFOX shop trustworthy, good and safe?

The Efox-shop.com shines particularly by two things. Firstly, there is at the shop as well as at Comebuy many smartphones with delivery from Germany. Secondly Efox-shop.com offers the possibility to take out insurance tariff for 10% of the purchase price when shipping from China. Customers then pay only 10% instead of 19% import VAT. Efox-Shop.com has the Internet grown by reviews. Either the customers are very satisfied or they complain about products that break after a few months and can not be repaired properly by Efox-Shop.com. In our opinion this is due to the selection of mobile phones at EFOX shop. Although EFOX offers some qualitative models, but also some scrap devices. Buyers should at EFOX shop so be careful to choose a quality cell phone. Then everything should run smoothly. The online shop EFOX tried last year to improve its service. When ordering from EFOX you should still be careful to buy any of the dubious phones that are available in the shop, but to choose a qualitative model. With the EFOX store coupon promotions you can also save money when ordering.

On what should I look for when shopping?

Best to buy smart phones which are marked “Ships from Germany”, because then you get his phone within 48 hours, and there are no additional fees. From pre-orders, we recommend in principle, because it always comes back to delays in shipping and you then simply sends his money to the shop for weeks in advance. When ordering from China should definitely selected for 15 € DHL Express shipping and customs insurance be taken for 10% of the purchase price claim.

How good is the customer service and the warranty at EFOX?

Live chat and email contact largely understand the German language and often available. Furthermore, there is a German-speaking contact person in many forums (Snowden), which provides expert assistance when problems occur.

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