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Dealextreme Onlineshop

Prices Cheap prices and a wide range of China mobile phones. Unfortunately only shipping from China. For EU-customers there is a VAT-Insurance for 1$
Shipping Free Express Mail shipping (7-10 days)
For customers from the EU offers a VAT-Insurance for 1$. The onlineshop then pays back the VAT costs up to a value of 40$.
Delivery time and shipping methods Depending on the labeling products ships out within 2-4 days or 7-10 days
Warranty 6 months warranty, 6 months free repair
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!
Orders & Experience We ordered 4 times at The ordered products were functional and well packaged delivered within 2 weeks!


Is DealExtreme reputable and secure?

The DealExtreme China Shop has been around for 16 years and he is the oldest shop in the list. The shop can be described as very serious. The big disadvantage is the expensive prices and the long time to arrive. On average, the store need a whole week to the delivery of the ordered products. This is quite a long time in comparison with other vendors. Caution is also advised when “DealExtreme EU direct” (dx europe), because here you might think the goods ordered are delivered from Europe. This is not the case, and all items are shipped here from China. Anyway you can choose an VAT-Insurance for 1$ if you live in the EU. The onlineshop then pays the VAT costs up to a value of 40USD. The reviews and experience of buyers at give off a rather positive picture. In 6000 reviews of various portals DealExtreme has proudly 8 points. Since the shop offers a wide range of mobile phones, buyers should first look for a good and proven model and not simply order any phone. Alternatives to DealExtreme you find in our shop list.

How good is the customer service and the warranty at DealExtreme?

A live chat and e-mail ticketing system are available. This is extremely practical and works great in practice. English skills are in contact advantageous. DealExtreme repaired smartphones for 1 year, 6 months, however, both the shipment costs, as paid by China back and also the repair costs must be payd by the customer. Contacting the Store is possible at any time and in terms of service within the first 6 months DX is just great.


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