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Banggood Onlineshop

Prices Average prices and some great deals. On delivery from UK or US Warehouse low prices!
A few smartphones are supplied at no extra cost (VAT) from Europe or US. For deliveries from China import VAT falls in!

Delivery time and shipping methods
Phones from the UK & US Warehouse will be shipped within 3-6 days. Smartphone from China are shipped by Express Mail (Normal Post!) Or DHL Express (Expedited Shipping) and typically require 7-10 days to any country.
Warranty 12 month warranty (7 Days Return Policy, 12 months free repair)
Payment We recommend paying with Paypal, credit card is also possible!


How long does the shipping take?

Banggood Shipping Methods

Is BangGood trustworthy and secure? is a shop for China smartphones, which is characterized by a very good service and a wide selection of Chinese cell phones. We have carried out until now 8 successful orders. The shop offers a competent and fast support (in English only). The choice of China mobile phones is large, the shipping time 7-15 days but below average. The DHL Express shipping is unfortunately available only in few smartphones. Good Bang now has a UK Warehouse in England and a US-Warehouse from which smartphones at no extra cost (tariff), will be shipped within 3-5 days to Europe and America. Banggood has frequently voucher and coupon actions which can also save money when ordering. Similar Sites you find in our shop list!

On what should I look for when shopping?

For orders from China Express Delivery (DHL Express if possible) should always be selected. The customs clearance is then the easiest and the goods are delivered to the front door. For orders from England (UK Warehouse) and America all products are delivered within 3-6 days without VAT tax. We recommend paying with Paypal!

How good is the customer service and the warranty at Bang Good? has an email and a live chat support. Both are to be used only in English. The customer service is competent and help you quickly. If a fault, all devices must be returned to China. The reviews in the relevant portals speak clearly for the established and experienced online store!


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