How to install Global ROM on Meizu M5


With this guide you will learn how to install the international firmware on a Chinese Meizu M5. The international firmware has no Chinese apps anymore and the Google Playstore can be installed with one click. Many languages are also preinstalled.

Note: The instruction is carried out at your own risk. We are not liable for any damages.


  • Charge the device to at least 30% of the battery
  • Download and unpack this .rar archive with your PC
  • Download the international ROM with the mobile phone and move it to the main directory of the mobile phone storage.

Switch device ID with SP-Flashtool

When trying to install the international ROM on the Meizu M5 you get displayed “Firmware corrupt”. Actually, however, this means that your device has the Chinese ID. After the next part of this manual, you can install the international firmware.

  1. Install the setup file in the drivers folder.
  2. Resets the Meizu M5 to the factory settings. Back up your pictures, videos, etc.
  3. Starts the flash_tool.exe file in the folder Flashtool.
  4. Click on “Download Agent” and select the file DA_PL.bin in the folder Flashtool.
  5. Click on “Scatter-Loading” and select the file “MT6750_ Android _scatter” in the folder Images
  6. In the “preloader” entry, click “Location” and select the “preloader_M1611.bin” file from the “Images” folder. The settings should look as follows:
  7. Press Ctrl + Alt + v to switch to Advanced mode in the SP-Flashtool. Activate under “Window” “Write Memory”.
  8. Open the small folder next to “File Path” and select the “devinfo” file in the folder Images.
  9. Enter the following value in “Begin Address (HEX): 0x2a300000
  10. Press “Write Memory”
  11. Now connect your switched off Meizu M5 to the PC. The device ID is newly flashed and the process should be confirmed with a green circle as successfully completed. If this is not the case, press the volume + button and the power button simultaneously to switch on the mobile phone until the Meizu logo appears.
  12. Finished. You can now install the International Firmware.

Installation of the international firmware

  1. Disconnect your phone from the PC and turn it off. The international ROM is already stored on the main memory of your mobile phone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume + Button and the Power Button at the same time until you are in the Recovery menu. Select “System Update” and “Clear Data”.
  3. Finished

Google Playstore Install

  1. Open the app “Hot Apps” on the Meizu M5 and select “Google Installer”
  2. The installer installs the Google services. Leave your phone unused during the process. After installation, the device restarts. Finished

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Dimitar Malchev
Hello. Please help a little with Meizu M5Note. from china I want to put the universal version for Bulgaria . but this error occurs. ERROR:STATUS_SEC_WRITE_DATA_NOT_ALLOWED… Read more »

Does this need root permission?

Ali Shaneez
Hey, i have flashed my Meizu M5 chinese Rom to Global Rom as you’ve said and it worked. Thankyou for that but now my fingerprint… Read more »

how can i change my meizu m5 note chinesse to global version ?


big thanksss… 🙂 Thank you very much..


Can you make a tutorial to do the same for the Meizu M5s


When its work, tomorrow have any higher global firmware, and i want to install that. Whether to repeat the steps to install the firmware?


can you help me to change my meizu m5 note chinesse to global version ?


Thank you very much!!! I´m able to play Pokemon Go again, you´re my savior 😛

dr basava prabhu

Kindly someone help. thank you

dr basava prabhu

i am not getting the green logo. i have a meizu m5 with flyme 6 beta


Would this work on the M5 note or is it exclusively for just the M5?

Electric Blue

Y version then transform global security network bandwidth B20 or no input? Thanks very good information


Thank you, Joscha. It worked like a charm.


I do not need to root my meizu M5 to do this, right?