In a first attempt, Gretel couldn’t convince us with the A6. However, as everyone deserves a second chance, we tested Gretel GT6000. A 6000mAh battery, fingerprint scanner and dual-camera for almost 100$ sound quite nice. Whether the smartphone did a good job or not, you’ll find out in the following review.

Design and build quality

With dimensions of 154x74x9.8mm and a weight of 232g, Gretel GT6000 is not a compact smartphone. Nevertheless, it feels nice while holding it in the hand. The casing is mostly made of aluminium. Only the upper and lower strip consist of plastic, in order to secure better reception.

The dual-camera can be found on the rear. Next to it, on the right, you can find the dual-LED flash. Those wondering what the sensor-like thing on the camera’s left side might be will be disappointed to hear that it has no use. According to Gretel, it was put there to provide symmetrical beauty.

Power button and volume control are located on the right. They consist of metal and are firmly attached to the casing. Feedback is good as well.

On the left you can find the SIM tray. As usual, front camera, earpiece and sensors are located above the 5.5-inch display. A special feature is the additional LED, which makes it possible to take selfies in the dark or to get a better image during video telephony. However, there is no notification LED. The home button, which also serves as fingerprint scanner, can be found in the center below the display. The common soft touch buttons are located next to it.

At the bottom, you can find the micro-USB port, which is flanked by two openings. However, those are not stereo speakers, but just a mono speaker and a microphone. The headphone jack is at the top.

The speaker is not bad, but it’s nothing special either. It is not very loud and it doesn’t override. Listening to music is not a real pleasure, as it has few dynamic and basses.

As it is typical for smartphones with a big battery, Gretel GT6000 is slightly bigger, thicker and heavier than ordinary smartphones. Nevertheless, it feels good while holding it in the hand and it also seems to be of high quality thanks to the metal. It has good build quality and there are no gaps. Except for the fake-sensor, which is only there to make the phone look nicer, Gretel GT6000 is a good-looking smartphone with high build quality.

Gretel GT6000 scope of delivery

Out of the box you receive:

  •    Kurzanleitung
  •    USB-KabelGretel GT6000 Lieferumfang
  •    Netzstecker
  •    Displayschutzfolie
  •    Silikon-Case



Gretel GT6000 offers a 5.5-inch HD-display with a 1280x720pixels resolution. Despite the size you cannot detect any single pixels and contents appear sharp. The panel can register up to 5 points of contact simultaneously and it reacts fast to any input.

Thanks to the rounded off 2.5D glass, the Gretel phone offers nice haptics and the finger slides well over the display. Unfortunately, the display is sensitive to scratches, so you should definitely use a casing or a screen protector. After the first few days the display has already had some scratches, although there was nothing else in my trouser pocket than the phone.

Viewing angles are extraordinarily nice and contrast is good. Colors are represented strongly. The MiraVision tool, with which you can customize the display, is not available. The display could be read well in the currently fine weather, therefore, brightness is more than sufficient.


Gretel GT6000 houses the MT6737 Quad-core processor by Mediatek, which is common for the price range. It clocks at 4×1.3GHz (1.248) and is supported by 2GB of RAM. The internal storage offers 16GB and can be extended via a micro-SD card. Expanding the storage, you have to go without the dual-SIM function.

The slow speed of the memory modules is also common for this price range. The internal storage has a reading/writing speed of just 98/46MB/s. The RAM does not clock very fast either at 2.9GB/s. One does notice the slow performance of the memory in daily use. Demanding apps need some time until they’re ready for use. Of course, playing high-end games is not possible and even games with medium demands have to deal with occasional jerks.

29,889 points in the Antutu benchmark already indicate that the device is not one of the fastest smartphones. However, the phone provides the basic functions, although you have to make some cuts concerning multitasking. The smartphone cannot score in terms of performance. The power is enough for the daily use of WhatsApp, YouTube et cetera, but those who like to play demanding games will be disappointed.

Android 7

Gretel GT6000 uses Android 7. The system is equipped with an adjusted launcher. There is no app drawer, and all apps are put directly on the home screen. Although there is a theme app available, it is currently not possible to download any other themes. Therefore, you have to go with the icons in gold and blue, which many feel to be ugly. You can solve this problem by downloading any launcher from the Playstore, e.g. the Google Now Launcher.

Navigation happens smoothly and the device offers several extra functions, such as gesture control, unlocking the phone via gestures and a one-handed mode. The system is clean and  no malware, but one app (parallel space) is pre-installed. You can use this app to clone other apps.

In fact, Gretel did learn something from the weak spots of A6 and now delivers a clean system with several functions.


The main camera is definitely one of the smartphones highlights. With a 13MP sensor by Panasonic and a second 1.3MP sensor, the camera takes nice pictures. The second sensor is used for the Bokeh-mode, with which you can focus one object, while the background is blurry. The speed of the focus and trigger are okay, but they could be better. All in all, pictures are sharp and are still rich in detail. However, this holds true only for good lighting conditions. Comparing the image with the path between the trees to other ones, you detect slight image noise. You can see that the camera is struggling with that problem. Images are quite colorfast and contrast is good. The camera is absolutely suitable for occasional photographing.

The 5MP front camera is no big surprise. Pictures are okay, but they are not totally colorfast and tend to image noise. The front camera is suitable for occasional selfies and video telephony, but that’s it. There is an additional LED, which should make the front camera ready for use in bad lighting conditions. This feature is quite useful especially when using video telephony in the evening.

Considering the low price, Gretel GT6000’s camera is really convincing. Normally, image quality is worse with smartphones for about 100$.


Gretel GT6000 supports all necessary 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies. Reception was good and there were no problems with the network. Voice quality was okay. Despite the dull earpiece, I could understand the caller well and he could understand my voice well, too. You can insert two Nano-SIM cards in the phone. Those who would like to use a micro-SD card have to go without the dual-SIM function.

GPS can convince as well. The fix only takes a few seconds and navigation was perfect. Next to Wi-Fi- b/g/n, GT6000 also offers Bluetooth 4.0. Wi-Fi reception was good and the range was convincing. The smartphone has never had problems with neither data transfer via Bluetooth nor the connection to my hands-free kit.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer installed only very few sensors. Besides the fingerprint scanner you only find the three standard sensors (proximity, light and acceleration sensor). The fingerprint scanner worked reliably and unlocked the phone with only a small delay in 9/10 attempts.


Gretel GT6000 houses a big 6000mAh battery, with which the phone can get through two days of intense use, thanks to the thrifty processor. With only occasional use, I also got through 4 days. The system contains a configurable energy saving mode, which is turned on at either 5 or 15%. I played Pokemon Go for almost a day and the phone still had 35% left. This can be considered quite a nice value. 11 hours and 44 minutes in the PC Mark (at medium brightness) are a good value as well, meaning that Gretel does not have to hide from other competitors with 6000mAh batteries. Nevertheless, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X takes it to a different level. Thanks to the Quick-charge function, the battery is fully charged in less than 2 hours.

* Incl. VAT and, if applicable, delivery costs – subject to interim changes.


75% Awesome

With GT6000, Gretel did grasp at the chance and produced a nice battery monster with dual-camera in the low-budget price range. The smartphone has no big problems and is fully convincing. The contaminated launcher of A6 is gone, the camera does a good job and the battery delivers the goods. The sensitive display and the strange fake-sensor cause some frown, but they are excusable shortcomings.

  • build quality and design 80 %
  • display 60 %
  • operating system and performance 70 %
  • camera 80 %
  • connectivity and communication 70 %
  • battery 90 %

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