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Elephone P8000 – a detailed test report

Elephone enters the race with the P8000, a real heavyweight. The 210g-smartphone which is not made for little girls is based on a 64-Bit processor by MediaTek: the MT6753. 3GB RAM, a 13Mp Samsung camera, a Full-HD display and a 4100mAh monster of a battery make at least the Elephone’s hardware interesting. It provided good results throughout the whole test with only a few flaws.

Packaging and shipment

Elephone P8000 (5)We got our Elephone by From the 24th of July the Elephone P8000 will prospectively be delivered directly within your country. The P8000 is delivered in a big package with contents as followed:

  • 2 protective films
  • Micro USB cable + charging adapter
  • Short manual in English
  • Elephone P8000

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The P7000’s dainty metal frame has made history. The Elephone P8000 has a heavy and robust-appearing aluminum frame with smoothened edges. With 210g it is one of the heaviest Smartphones of its weight class and a real colossus with 10.5mm. In an emergency you can easily beat down an assailant with the help of your Smartphone-weapon.

Elephone P8000 (7) Elephone P8000 (6)

Elephone apparently listens and after all the criticisms about the quality of processing they now almost carry it too far. The Smartphone feels high-quality and robust, the buttons are worked in neatly and even the back cover with carbon-ripples is a highlight! Remove this and you get to see the two SIM-Slots (2 x micro), the Micro-SD Slot (up to 64GB) and the battery. The 4100mAh battery, however, is firmly attached.

Elephone P8000 (2) Elephone P8000 (1)

Of the three of the customary Android sensor keys only the home button is illuminated. The home button’s circle-symbol only shines in blue color and serves at the same time as a notification-LED. Unfortunately it only glows dimly as it did on the former model. At daylight the notification function is simply unusable. Even the sides of the display are very wide with 5mm on each side. The Smartphone simply is wide, long and heavy.

All in all it makes a good impression with obvious improvements in regard to the former model. For the money, the Elephone P800 is excellently processed; the one-handed handling, however, is a real problem.


Elephone P8000 (3)

The Elephone P8000 has a 5.5 inch display with a 1920*1080 pixel screen resolution. This corresponds to a pixel density of 400 pixels per inch (retina display). The display excels with high definition and a good range of viewing angles. Even the color reproduction is by default and can be adjusted at will with Miravision in the options menu. If the sun shines directly on the screen, the Smartphone not only reflects the light, but it is simply unusable.^

The 5-point touch screen reacts quickly and accurately to each touch. In comparison to its competitors from Jiayu S3, Mlais M7, Meizu M2, Meizu M1 Note and Xiaomi Note 4G the Elephone’s display unfortunately is still snookered.

Android 5.1 Lollipop

Elephone P8000 Launcher The Elephone P8000 runs with Android 5.1 Lollipop ex works and our version still runs properly without any issues. The system is delivered with the Ele UI and offers apart from a Theme Store (multiple designs are ready for download) an interesting folder system. If you click on a folder you can switch quickly to left or right to other folders. This is necessary because the Ele UI doesn’t have an App-Drawer (overview-pages with all of the Apps). Apart from the fact that the user interface is to the largest extent Stock, the options menu as well as the quick launch bar remains unchanged. Furthermore the fingerprint-option has been added and after a bit of practice (the sensor is tiny) the unlocking works pretty well. Single Apps, however, can’t be locked by fingerprint yet. Also the smart-wake-features (operating the display when it’s turned off) are lacking. The 64-Bit system runs smoothly and swiftly. Multitasking is not a problem at all with 3GB of RAM.

Screenshot_2015-08-08-11-32-19 Elephone P8000 Ele UI Elephone P8000 Ele UI (2)

The Ele launcher can easily be replaced by a Google-Now or Nova launcher and you get that Stock-Android feeling. A little bug: With sliding down the quick start bar a fingerprint symbol for the lock screen appears.

The storage is swift a not unnecessarily split up; it’s a full 11.3GB for your Apps. Additionally you can retrofit with a Micro-SD to up to 64GB. The P8000 is not rooted ex works but this can easily be done with the help of the forum’s instructions. You can find all of the ROMs, downloads and installation instructions in the official Elephone P8000 forum.

In case you need a root and flash instruction, please leave a comment below and I will work it out.


In the Elephone P8000’s core there is a MediaTek MT6753 Octa-Core. The processor is also used in the Meizu M2 Note and is no more than a stepped-down MT6752. The 64-Bit architecture works excellently together with Android 5, and with the 1.2GB RAM memory available, multitasking is not a problem. However, pretty much of its capacity is consumed by default. This is yet to be optimized by Elephone. Apps open quickly and all of the requests are handled smoothly. The Elephone also is gamer-friendly and is able to handle most of the games on average graphic settings. Occasional skips or dropped frames may occur and Asphalt 8 doesn’t run smoothly. You can have a look at the game performance in our video. Gamers should definitely turn to a Snapdragon 801 or 810 or to a MediaTek Helio X10!

The P8000‘s Benchmark-results are within the standard range of the MT6753 Octa-Core Smartphones:

Elephone P8000 3D benchmark Elephone P8000 Geekbench 3 Elephone P8000 Antutu benchmark (3)

All of you who don’t want to play the most bandwidth-demanding Android games will handle the Elephone P8000 with joy.


The Elephone P8000 supports all LTE, UMTS and GSM frequencies necessary. Both SIM-Slots support mobile Internet (H+ und LTE), but not at the same time. The receipt is totally average without any positive or negative issues. Mobile surfing was possible with high speed and without any problems.

For conversations the P8000 worked perfectly fine, the Proximity sensor of our version, however, was immediately activated and the display remained black for the entire call. This is inconvenient but can be fixed easily. Unfortunately the options menu lacks the possibility to calibrate the sensor. I hope Elephone releases a bug-fix promptly.

Elephone P8000 Wlan WifiWe can’t confirm the dual-band WIFI (2,4GHz and 5GHz) which is indicated by Elephone. Only the 2.4GHz network could be used. The data throughput of 40/50mbits is OK, but other Smartphones do better. The range is average, too, without any anomalies. Connection is kept constant and the Elephone connects automatically whenever you enter your home or other known networks.

The sound of the speakers is also average and base ranges as well as bass are lacking. However, if you turn up the volume to the max, the speaker does hardly distort the sound at all. Even the headphones do pretty well. The Bluetooth 4.0-module works excellently and has trouble only at 10 meters distance. OTG and NFC are not provided.

Proximity Sensor and Dual-Band Wi-Fi have to be fixed yet, apart from that the Elephone P8000 is within the range.


Elephone promotes the P8000 with a 13MP Samsung camera sensor. We couldn’t verify that – at least within the Software. But in practice the camera is smashing. The pictures taken are razor-sharp even up to the corners, have a good color representation and are detailed. Close-ups come off in good quality, and with sufficient light the Elephone P8000 makes awesome pictures. In weak light, however, the photographs are flawed by obvious interferences.

Elephone P8000 test Kamera Testbilder (47)The shutter speed has been taken to a maximum and even the autofocus works neatly and fast. The camera UI is mostly Google-standard and a slow-motion function is lacking. As usual, the beauty-mode creates creepy photos of extraterrestrials. The front camera is perfect for selfies but the LED flash is pretty weak and can occasionally be used as a poor flashlight.

Have a look at the test images and decide whether the Elephone’s photo quality is sufficient for you.


Glonass on board

Elephone P8000 Gps test fixThe Elephone P8000 connects quickly and steadily with up to 14 satellites and determines your position with an accuracy of 2-3 meters. Navigation in the car was problem-free. Due to the lack of a compass, pedestrian navigation is still difficult.


Geekbench Battery Benchmark Elephone P8000 Elephone P8000 AkkulaufzeitThe 4100mAh battery can be confirmed but the Quick-Charge function didn’t work. The charging adapter is huge indeed, and signed with 5V/2A. In reality, however, it only transmits 1A and thus the Elephone has completely recharged after 4 hours. The battery life on the other hand is awesome: in the Geekbench battery Benchmark the Smartphone scored 4243 points at a runtime of ten and a half hours. On everyday use, one day of intensive use is possible without any problems and I even managed to keep it alive for 2.5 days of moderate usage. If this is still to be optimized, the Elephone will have a hell of a battery life.

* Incl. VAT and, if applicable, delivery costs – subject to interim changes.


83% Very Good

The Elephone P8000 excels with high-quality processing, attractive design and battery time. The unusable notification LED, however, is annoying. The display is great, apart from some troubles with direct sunlight. Android 5.1 runs pretty well, a couple of bugs are still to be handeled and Smartwake-Features are also still to be added. Camera and battery time are also very good. For those who are able to handle the size and weight, the Elephone is a perfect deal for only 180€. We absolutely recommend this Smartphone!

  • design and build quality 80 %
  • display 80 %
  • software and performance 90 %
  • connectivity and communication 80 %
  • camera 80 %
  • battery 90 %

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