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Blackview E7 uses a current Android 6 system and the new MTK6737 processor by Mediatek. Further, it provides 1GB RAM and a 5.5-inch HD-display. The smartphone’s special qualities are the full LTE support and the fingerprint scanner, which is quite uncommon for 60$ smartphones. We’ve examined the Blackview E7 thoroughly in our review.

Design and build quality

The sumptuous scope of delivery makes a positive impression. The standard box contains a standard charging adapter (EU-plug), a USB cable, a silicone protective cover, a screen protector, and a headset. The headset can be used, but rather in an emergency than in daily life; the protective cover on the other hand fits well, gives the phone a good grip and protects it from scratches. The Blackview E7 does not belong to the most compact 5.5-inch smartphones with its dimensions of 155x78x9mm. The bezels are 4mm and one handed use is not possible. Due to the plastic casing, the smartphone has a pleasant weight of 172g.

blackview-e7-design-verarbeitung-6 blackview-e7-design-verarbeitung-3 blackview-e7-design-verarbeitung-4 blackview-e7-design-verarbeitung-5

Despite its very reasonable price, the Blackview E7 can convince with excellent build quality. Everything is neat in the casing, the rear is fixed well, and so are the buttons on the right side. There are no sharp edges and the Blackview smartphone feels a lot more high quality than the price of 60$ would suggest. The rear is removable and you get access to a 2700mAh battery, the two SIM slots (2xmicro), and a micro-SD slot (up to 128 GB).

blackview-e7-design-verarbeitung-7 blackview-e7-design-verarbeitung-2

The three common Android sensor buttons are marked with silver symbols, but unfortunately, they’re no illuminated. There is also no notification LED. The fingerprint scanner is one of the best sensors I’ve ever seen in a low-budget smartphone. A recognition of 7/10 at the first attempt is great, and it takes about one second to unlock the phone.

The Blackview E7’s rear also encloses the smartphone’s sides and it is pleasantly rough. The build quality is excellent for a 60$ smartphone and the working fingerprint scanner is a rarity. A replaceable battery, real dual-SIM and the expandable storage are great as well. The missing notification LED is the only thing for some users to complain about.


Blackview bets on a 5.5-inch IPS display with 1280x720pixels resolution. You have to go without Mediatek’s MiraVision and only the brightness can be adjusted in the options menu. There are nice viewing angles as it is common for IPS displays and the colour representation is a bit cold but not disturbing. The display is quite sharp with 267 pixels per inch; however, there are displays with the same resolution, which seem sharper. On a normal, sunny day the readability outside is good, in bright sunlight, however, the phone reflects disturbingly and you cannot read anything anymore.

blackview-e7-test-testbericht-review blackview-e7-display-1

The Blackview E7 can convince with its 5-point touchscreen. It is precise and converts input well even when typing fast. In order to protect the screen from scratches, a screen protector is applied ex works and another one is provided in the scope of delivery. SmartWake (waking up the display with gestures while it’s turned off) is available in the settings and worked fine.

Performance and operating system

The Blackview E7 uses a current 64-Bit quad-core processor by Mediatek. Up until this test, we had always been disappointed with the MT6737 with its 4 cores clocking at 1.3GHz. This now changed with the Blackview. The speed is now on the same level as a MT6580 and you can quickly navigate through the system. When tapping on the home button, however, it still takes about one second until the home-screen is shown. The processor is supported by a Mali-T720 GPU, which is to some extent suitable for gaming, and by only 1GB RAM. Standard games run fast and fluently, demanding 3D games can’t be played, of course.

blackview-e7-antutu-benchmark blackview-e7-3d-mark-2 blackview-e7-3d-mark-1

The RAM memory is sufficiently fast with 3GB/s, but it is completely used to capacity with only 5-8 apps. Then, the Blackview E7 noticeably slows down. The internal storage has 16GB and an average reading/writing speed of 88/40MB/s. The Antutu Benchmark value of 22,000 points, which is common for processors, is reached as well. The performance in the browser is surprisingly good. There are only minimal jerks. The Blackview E7 is perfect for standard tasks like surfing, chatting, using YouTube or telephoning.

blackview-e7-speicher-geschwindigkeiten blackview-e7-geekbench-4-2 blackview-e7-geekbench-4-1

The Blackview E7 runs an Android 6 system. Launcher, quick launch bar, and options menu have been slightly adjusted. The icons’ design has been changed a bit and there is no app-drawer (overview of all apps). Those who might feel disturbed by this can easily install any launcher from the Playstore. The design of the quick launch bar and options menu was slightly changed as well. We especially don’t like the quick launch bar, but it serves its purpose. ESET-antivirus confirms a complete and virus-free system. There are also no preinstalled spam apps on the mobile phone (bloatware free system). Apart from a slight delay when pressing the home button the system runs extremely stable and sufficiently fluently. Regarding the system, Blackview did a really good job.

blackview-e7-system-launcher-2 blackview-e7-system-launcher-3 blackview-e7-ota-updates


Cameras in the ultra-low budget range are always a whole ‘nother can of worms  The Blackview E7 houses an 8MP and 2MP camera (according to the manufacturer). The 2MP front camera is absolutely not suitable for nice selfies. The pictures are just blurred and pixelated and have even a strong tinge of red. The main camera, however, can convince because the images are surprisingly rich in detail considering this price range, and image noise only occurs at the margins. Close-ups are nice as well with the Blackview E7. The camera is sufficient for occasional snapshots; you cannot expect more from a phone at a price of 60$. Have a look at the pictures from our test and decide for yourselves if the quality is sufficient for you.

Connectivity and communication

blackview-e7-netz-empfangAs one of the few 60$ smartphones, the Blackview E7 not only supports 2G and 3G, but also 4G.

It suports the following frequencies:

2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: WCDMA 900 / 2100
4G: LTE 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600

Therefore, surfing is a lot of fun, also because of the good performance in the browser. The Wi-Fi reception is on a good level and the throughput is great (n-standard 2.4GHz). The reception works without any problems and the voice quality is good on both sides. Using the hands-free kit, there is a cracking noise in the background.

The internal speaker is loud, but the sound is neither clear nor differentiating. Basses are not audible and the heights are strongly distorted. The speaker is sufficient for ringtones, but those who would like to have a mobile jukebox have to buy one in addition. However, the Blackview E7 is suitable for listening to music if you have good headphones.

blackview-e7-gps-test-fixThe Bluetooth 4.0 module does a fine job up to 10m. There are only the three standard sensors (acceleration, proximity, and brightness sensor) available. As usual for this price range, you have to go without a compass or gyroscope sensor. Despite the missing compass, the GPS navigation is one of the Blackview E7’s strong points. Navigating with Google Maps was possible without any problems in the car and there was no deviation from the course during a 100km test track.

Blackview E7 Battery life

blackview-e7-akku-testThe 2700mAh battery is slightly below average for 5.5-inch smartphones. The thrifty hardware (processor and display), however, is beneficial for Blackview. With the provided charging adapter the Blackview E7 is fully charged in 3 hours. Unfortunately, there is no quick-charge. In daily use you can get 3-4 hours of DOT (display-on time), even when using the GPS occasionally. The Blackview E7 is less suitable for intense users, normal users can easily get one day of run time. Those who would like to double the battery life can simply order a second battery.

* Incl. VAT and, if applicable, delivery costs – subject to interim changes.

7.8 Very Good

The Blackview E7 did convince us in the test. Apart from the bad speaker, the poor selfie camera and the average battery life, the device does a fine job in all categories. The five point touchscreen reacts quickly and the display is pleasingly sharp. The build quality is excellent and the design is quite nice despite real dual-SIM and the replaceable battery. LTE support is also an advantage. With its performance the E7 is perfect for standard tasks and the system is clean and stable. Those who are looking for a 5.5-inch phone at a price clearly below 100$ can do no wrong with the Blackview E7.

  • design and build quality 9
  • display 7
  • software and performance 7
  • connectivity and communication 9
  • camera 8
  • battery 7

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